Bothwell Furniture

Our Story

A Four-Generation Family Business Since 1904.

Bothwell Furniture was established in 1904 by William Sam Beamish. The company was first designed as a furniture and bedding manufacturing facility where quality home furnishings were built and sold throughout Canada.

In 1930 the company was carried on by his son, William Fred Beamish. Fred introduced the original retail outlet in it's present location consisting of a 5000 SQ FT showroom.


In 1973 his son, William Ross Beamish took over the reins of the company. The showroom on Main Street in Bothwell was completley remodelled and expanded to over 30, 000 SQ FT -- Making Bothwell Furniture One of Ontario's Largest Quality Furniture Showrooms.


In 1991 his son, David Beamish took over the company -- establishing Bothwell Furniture as a four generation family business. His current management staff consists of his wife Janet, his two sisters Joanne McDiarmid and Sandra Vanderydt and his daughter Amanda, plus 10 professional sales, service and delivery personel, making Bothwell Furniture a True Family Business. In 2002, the showroom was expanded once again. A 10, 000 SQ FT addition was built on the northend of the existing building which was transformed in 2003, into a La-Z-Boy Comfort Studio.

Bothwell Furniture takes pride in their history and maintain that legacy by continuing to offer Quality Home Furnishings at the Lowest Guaranteed Price on the Industry's Best Furniture Manufacture's.



Bothwell Furniture- A La-Z-Boy Comfort Studio